A letter from the President

The FNEPSA was created in 1987 by Robert Métais and is comprised of experts in various fields related to the art market.

Thus, the organization pulls members from different official and private organizations, such as Courts, Notaries, Auctioneers, Customs, Insurance Companies, and Antique Dealer Exhibitions. Members gain admittance as a result of their specialised knowledge and expertise. Our clients include private individuals seeking the value of their property for personal or estate planning purposes.
It is important to note that all our experts are able to provide a "certificate of authenticity" during any transaction between a seller and buyer. We regularly provide vocational trainings in every ART discipline in order to refine both our TRAINEES and MEMBERS. We have also implemented a LEGAL EDUCATION PROGRAM to inform our EXPERTS on their rights and duties as professionals as well as the workings of the LEGAL SYSTEM. 

The federation's goals are:

  • To assist private collector in the areas of: art inventory, expert assessment and documentation research
  • To insure the protection and defence of art and antique buyers
  • To support public and private organisations
  • To assist with specialized education of art buying and collecting
  • To collaborate with local and national media
  • To publish papers in relation to the art field
  • To organise symposiums and guided tours

Paul Fragne, President