Trainee Members
Our trainees-Experts FNEPSA
FNEPSA trainee-experts may not issue certificates of expertise on behalf of FNEPSA.

"Trainee-expert" FNEPSA designates any applicant who has appeared before the members of the Council of administration and submitted an application.

Being a trainee-expert of the Federation does not confer the right to practice as an Expert Member. The trainee-expert must take part in the various training courses organised by the Federation before taking the aptitude test to obtain the title of Member Expert.

This examination takes the form of a presentation of a thesis on his speciality with very precise technical parts. At the end of this presentation, the trainee must answer the various questions asked by the members of the Commission.

The FNEPSA, a member of the CEDEA, joins forces with the other Chambers to organise serious examinations as well as trainee candidates in different specialities and spread all over France. 

The expert trainees are :


Olivier Alberteau  :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Haute époque"


- Florian Bourguet :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité  : "Animation japonaise"


- Christophe Briot :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Cartonnages romantiques"


Jean-Pierre Cazes :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Sculpture et verrerie du XXème"


Alain Cohen : 

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Tapis d'Orient"


- Jean-Philippe Dodet :

Stagiaire expert : spéciallité : " Horlogerie"


- Eric Guecheff :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Haute époque"


- Frédérique Grego :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : " Marqueterie Boule"


- Alexandra Jaffre :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Laque Art déco"


- Ludovic Miran :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : " Livres et Bibliographie"


- Rémi Machard :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Peinture du XIXe et XXe siècles


- Bianca Massard :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Archéologie classique"


- Anne Pellerin :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Bijoux années 50"


- Pauline Testut :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : BD contemporaines"


- Eva Valentin :


Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Livres XXème"


Claude Vuille :

Stagiaire expert : spécialité : "Dentelles anciennes"