Missions of the FNEPSA

  • To provide assistance to private individuals in the areas of inventory, expert assessment and documentation research.
  • To protect and defend amateur art and antique collectors.
  • To support public and private organisations.
  • To provide specialized art education.
  • To collaborate with local and national media.
  • To publish academic art papers.
  • To organise symposiums and guided tours.

The Professional Art Experts National Federation objectives are:

  • To organise a cooperation between experts at a national level.
  • To standardise expert assessments in the fields of fine art, furniture, and antiques.
  • To coordinate the presence of art experts during special events.
  • To protect and defend the amateur art and antique connoisseur.
  • To educate the public of the value, importance and techniques of the profession.
  • To study and survey subjects relating to art dealing and its evolution which present a common interest for its members.
  • To assist specialized art education.
  • To assist private collectors (estates, shares, fire/theft, damages).
  • To professionally assist exhibition organizers.
  • To assist exhibitors and professionals.
  • To council buyers while protecting and defending amateur art and antiques enthusiasts.
  • To provide legal aid.

The art expert has free choice in their assistants and collaborators in order to successfully complete jobs. No third party assistance can be imposed to the expert as part of the fulfilment of their job.


Payment to the experts is done independent of the FNEPSA, thus minimizing costs.

Every FNEPSA expert is professionally insured. The federation provides antique exhibition organisers a list of FNESA experts consistent with its missions and goals.

The FNEPSA is only responsible for providing requested experts in accordance with the general calendar of the exhibitions and informing selected experts accordingly. The Federation does not, under any circumstance, advise selections regarding those made by the organizer, but it may provide insight regarding the placement of a coherent team:

  • The assistance of public corporations, courts, customs offices, and other administrations.
  • The assistance in any professional or educative manners
  • Publications, conventions, symposiums and guided tours

The FNEPSA Experts

The rigorous selection of FNEPSA experts is based on objective standards. Among other qualifications, potential FNEPSA members must:

  • Have at least 5 years of professional experience
  • Possess a true expertise in one or two specific art specialities
  • Be appointed by unanimous vote of the entire boards of directors after professional review
  • Complete probationary internship
  • Write and defend a dissertation on their specialism in front of an exam committee
  • Hold gemmology diploma for jewellery specialists.

15% of our members are technical experts: their professional activities consist partly or entirely in restoring works of arts in a particular speciality. The selection of these technicians is as rigorous as for the other experts in order to provide ethical craftsmanship according to the rules of art.

Services and Terms of the FNEPSA

The FNEPSA assists private individuals in their shares, estates or damages/claims:

  • Defend your rights against insurance companies
  • protect and defend the amateur art and antique collector
  • provide legal advice
  • The art expert has free choice of his assistants and collaborators in order to complete the required task. No third party can be imposed upon the experts in the fulfilment of their job.
  • All FNEPSA experts are bonded and insured with professional public liability insurance.
  • The expert assessments liability is 30 years. Note auction sale liability is only five years.
  • Training in corporate and academic environments.
  • Publications, conventions, symposiums and guided tours

Price Scale and Fees of the FNEPSA

Expert fees' are independent of the FNESPA. The federation does not financially benefit from the transaction. The expert must set fees in advance and are subject to signed agreement.
Unforeseen inquiries may be subject to additional fees.