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Interviews, lectures, publishing by Fnepsa experts

Virginie Journiac, expert in 19th and 20th century paintings: "Le dernier Renoir, les années azuréennes", published by Editions de Nicéphore, 2013.

In the twilight of his life, Pierre-Auguste Renoir chose to settle on the Côte d'Azur for the beauty of its landscapes and its healthy climate.

It is these years on the Côte d'Azur that this book proposes to bring back to life, based on an unpublished collection of correspondence, albums, etc., which for a long time remained in the possession of his heirs and is now in the United States. All of this is completed by the Renoir Museum archives and the most up-to-date bibliographical references.

Fabien Lecoeuvre, expert in French and international songs: "Le dictionnaire officiel des chansons françaises", Hors collection publishings.

In this dictionary, all generations can find themselves around hundreds of immortal melodies. From 1760 to the present day, this dictionary covers more than 250 years of song history and more than 1,000 hits, all of which have become part of our collective memory,

that you will find in this dictionary. In all, several thousand names of authors, composers, performers, producers, programmers, directors, artistic directors, arrangers, sound engineers... are gathered in this well-documented work, full of rare and often unknown anecdotes. With each new edition, this dictionary requires a great deal of research, multiple interviews and surveys to be as accurate as possible about the genesis of the songs you love. Songs that undeniably constitute our French musical heritage.

Since its creation in 2008, this dictionary has become a true reference in the history of French song, consulted and used by many radio and television professionals. It is indispensable for all those who are curious and passionate about learning how a song is made.

Nicolas Malais, trainee-expert: "Bibliophily & literary creation (1830-1920)", Cabinet Chaptal publishings, Paris, 2016.

This book aims to show the importance of bibliophily in literary creation from the 1830s to the 1920s. From the staging of the bibliophile to the publication of a poetic, the study of bibliophilic literary practices sheds light on the writing process and the consequent production of books whose materiality makes sense.


Alain Cohen, trainee-expert : "Les tableaux de l'Orient", Alain Cohen publishings, Lyon, 2014.

The carpet, rightly elevated to the rank of a work of art, is also a commodity, subject to complex rules that are difficult for the layman to understand.

The aim of this guide is to enlighten the potential buyer, to take him on a journey through the greatest production centres of the Orient, to explain how the manufacturing techniques play a part in the appreciation of a carpet, whatever its use, whether as a decorative object or as an element of comfort, or both at the same time.

Alexandra Jaffré, Art Deco expert, "Seizô Sougawara, maître laqueur d'Eileen Gray", Editions Mérode, Brussels, 2018.

The Japanese lacquerer Seizô Sougawara (1884-1937) is considered to be the essential link in the teaching of the art of Japanese lacquer in France at the beginning of the 20th century. Although his name had passed into posterity as the master of the decorator Eileen Gray and the coppersmith Jean Dunand, his entire life story had been forgotten. Where and when was he born? What was his family history? Where had he studied the art of lacquer? When and why had he come to France? When had he met Gray? How did their lacquer workshop function during their twenty years of collaboration? What happened to him after their workshop closed?

This scientific biography, with more than 700 footnotes, reconstructs Sougawara's life with the help of numerous unpublished sources: his youth in Japan, the reasons for his arrival in France and his work for the Parisian goldsmith Lucien Gaillard, the life he led in the capital of the arts with his Japanese expatriate friends, the functioning of the lacquer workshop that Gray opened with him and the many lacquer techniques he mastered.

In light of new information and several rediscovered lacquer works published for the first time, this book offers a new analysis of Gray's lacquer creations and presents Sougawara's work as a sculptor-lacquerer. 

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